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Flat Responsive Dashboard Design

See here some awesome bootstrap design in my website i am using in it anyone can take example with my website for them….here is the ref link… and thanks to bootsnipp where i found most beautiful design,It was very helpful thanks for the info!,How to fetch and display content.i.e When you click “home” the content for home should be fetched and displayed. When clicked on “Statistics” the previous content mus disapper and content for statistics must appear. How to do this?,sidebar navigation toggle not working on to solve?,thank for your project . Very helpfull for me.,can someone help me to add subitem(submenu) with dropdown?,how to make the navbar 100% height?,Hi, I did that,,Add to CSS,body { height: 100%; width: 100%; position: absolute;},thank you. it works.,The author is js.krishna

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