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Fancy tabs responsive

Hi, great tabs!!! 2 questions..,1. When the tab button are in inactive states, can they butt up right next to each other with out the space?,2. Is there a way I can add textural content to the tab buttons? Tried using a background image so I could add the content over top of it, but I couldn’t get it to work.,Thanks, Greg,It doesn’t work… It doesn’t change the text below once I click on another picture… how can I solve?,is amazing I test at my site, but I done with 8 pictures and when I see at the firefox, the picture will be smaller.,I see problems in Internet Explorer,Awsome work!,Nice menu. Is it possible to keep the tabs inline on a phone screen, and not underneath each other?,Not really because then you would have to make the images smaller or limit the number to 4.,Fantastic, good man!,Good one can you bootlint it as its creating a problem,Which css do I put the code in?,Very nice man !,Is it possible that text, would appear without clicking, just along with image pop up?,you would need to create a new class called active and then write some JavaScript that will remove the class active from the first one and select the next one.,how to connect online chat could you please tell me,What do you mean, how to connect with me via online chat or how to connect this to an online chat?,Thanks friend! 😀 ,The author is mouse0270

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