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Fancy Bootstrap Checkboxes

Hi, I can’t seem how to show the checkbox as active at beginning. Can you help me?,awesome!,I copied the code but its not working. i simply copied html n css code. what should i do.,For those who wonder it is pure Bootstrap. Just add HTML and CSS and it is automagically done…,anyone know how to add two of the same checkboxes on one page, ie if i have 2 of the success checkboxes on the same page, but i try to select the 2nd checkbox and the first one selects. ?,Do I have to download any theme?,Is there a way to span the second label, in btn-group div, the remaining width of the parent element?,Hey not sure if you’re still interested in this, but I used:.form-group input[type=”checkbox”] + .btn-group > { width: 92%; },That was specific to my needs, but that CSS selector will get you the element.,great,amazing!,Really like it! PS: Bootstrap should have a build-in cross-platform default appearance. Also for radios/toggles and selects.,Como puedo adaptar esta plantilla a asp si cuando le agrego la etiqueta runat para ejecutar la accion del servidor no me deja ni chequear ni des chequear la casilla,The author is mouse0270

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