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Easy Sticky Footer

This is not “Sticky Footer”, this is bottom-fixed footer. Sticky footer must stick to bottom is viewport if it’s not full-filled and scroll down when page is bigger than viewport.,For exmaple:…,PLEASE I MAKE ONE WEBSITE I CAN TO “copy” YOURS CODES FROM “BootSnipp” ??? AND PUT IN MY SITE ? – I can change it to my default Skin ???,Do you expect him to do extra work so that you can copy it? and with CAPS ON AS WELL!!! it makes one wonder what´s going on in a head like yours… learn how to do it yourself, I mean if this isn´t easy enough for you, you should either pay him or do something else! Man you´re fucked up!,Im using the same method, but my issue is that the footer is placed over page content on smaller screen size. Is there a way to prevent this…i have tried quite a few solutions but none of them have worked for me. Thanks in advance for the help!,Just add on the previous container (the one holding page content): style=”margin-bottom: 60px;”It solved my issue.,so simple yet awsomely usefull …. thank man,If you add a row around the (footer) navbar’s text/button/contents it will fix the spacing thats on the left and right,this is very usefully web design work>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>thank for all,Cool Man,Thanks,Great piece dotstrap – thanks very much for sharing. I’m trying to get it to apply to just some buttons in my ul but at having trouble doing so. Could you help?,Thanks f or this @dotstrap,Thanks 🙂 very nice,Thanks!,Welcome.I just adjusted the icon: “.ds-btn li a i { margin-top: 5px;}”, I think it would be more useful if buttons will be “ul li” independant. You can’t use buttons without “ul li”.,The author is mrmccormack

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