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Dynamic Table row creation and Deletion

hello, please i want to add column ! someone can help me ?,anyone tell me how to insert data into database using php,Hello, can you please also tell me how will I submit this data to the database?,for some reason this is not working for me. I only get to see the head of the table, buttons not working,Can you please help me, when I add row, the 3rd time I press, the row that was supposed to append after, it appears to the 1st row.,Very Nice,Couple more options.,$(‘#table tr:last’).after(‘<tr><td>column 1 value</td><td>column 2 value</td></tr>’);,$(‘#table > tbody:last’).append(‘<tr><td>column 1 value</td><td>column 2 value</td></tr>’);,$(‘#myTable > tbody:first’).append(‘<tr><td>column 1 value</td><td>column 2 value</td></tr>’); $(‘#myTable > tbody:last’).append(‘<tr><td>column 1 value</td><td>column 2 value</td></tr>’);,Read more:…,pls send a code for how to generate rows automatically, when we are entering data continuously..,This code is not usable , when come forward to dynamic option selection .,Hi,I’m trying to add ng-Autocomplete on the new input but somehow it does not work.. do you have any idea what it can be?…//K,is it posible to make this sortable?,The author is MadhanKarthik

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