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Dropdown userlist plus administration fully responsive

hi @cyruxx:disqus i had error on line 2 and 24, iam using bootstrap 3 can u help me,owh i solved it line 2 before var panels = $(‘.user-infos’); use this “use strict”; and line 24 just use semicolon ;,How would you populate this user list from a database? I’m still new to the bootstrap world so trying to figure things outs,nice, thanks for sharing!!,Hi, thnx for snippet! How to make 1st panel opened by default?,Thank you!,thanks for sharing! :),I think Maks Surguy fixed it. Thank you Maks! 🙂 ,I think it’s still kind of messed up..,I will try again tomorrow.,Sent from phone. ,I have updated this snippet. It’s now fully responsive and can be used on mobile devices.,Awesome :D,Thanks for sharing! Can you make this work for mobile devices?,I will. :),Hi, nice work! I’ve forked it for bootstrap 2.3 :…,Thanks! :),nice one.. thanks sharing!,Thanks for those 7 likes! :),The author is Cyruxx

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