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Dashboard Template (Sidebar icons animated)

Very useful for metnx a lot,hello its look like beauty sidebar ,but i have a problem the drop-down is not working instead i have been located the java script file please can u help me,thanks,hello, I am a new user, and new in web page design, I think your template is very good, but the moment I lift the service of the website, it does not appear the same as the image, can you help me?,The above is not an image, it is generated from the associated code, which you can view by clicking the HTML/CSS/JS buttons at the top. If you are having a problem, create a snippet with your code, and post a reference here explaining what is not working.,Hi there, this looks great, only spotted 1 tiny mistake on …×50&text=LOGO” alt=”LOGO””> – should remove the second ” mark.,Many thanks,The author is brojask

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