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Contact List

nice snippet,,thanks,i have a problem in the scripts its do not work,very giod book,wowdsl;dkdad,nice.,hiiii,you are so lazy to do the “ADD USER” hahah sory 🙂 this snippet help me in my project thank you,Argh…. Why mine not work….Can someone share the exact code use…I can’t open the search box,test,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaasas,test,aaaaaaaaaa,svvgsvscvsv,heysws],qwedwqd,12,erferferfe,grg,TypeError: $(…).searchable is not a function….Anyone can help me with this.Thanks :),You need to add the searchable script at the bottom of your page (right before the contact list script):,<script src=”//…”></script>,You’re not being lazy, you’re being creative! Perfect snippet buddy, thanks!,大法师大法,شسضیضیضیضی,rfwefewffegfewgeyrhyreyhreyhryh,ZZaz,hey,Great thanks for sharing!,hola a todos el mungo,Module commentaires,Ceci est un test,commentaires en volet de droite,That’s a good good one!That’s a good good one!That’s a good good one!,That’s a good good one!That’s a gThat’s a good good one!That’s a good good one!That’s a good good one!ood good one!,That’s a good good one!That’s a good good one!,That’s a good good one!,gergerger,dfdfvdfbdf,casdcas,so awesome,yeah really awesome,so awesome,very giod book,Hello friends,super,Lovely,hey,nice,lmf,.snf,ds,Excelente!! , May download you Code for Complete “add” with AngularJs!??,Unfortunately you would have to add the code yourself. Bootsnipp only shows visual elements for Bootstrap.,No Problem, Already changed the Example, I was completed “Add” with AngularJs, Thanks, Later upload the Code!,Nice,hai,撒的飒飒,amaging,great !,Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined,Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function$(‘#contact-list’).searchable({,I must be doing something wrong with the script; any ideas?,I got it!,I left the searchable plug in with the html. I just loaded it after the JS from above… THANK YOU!,I probably should have made that stick out a little more. Glad to see you were able to fix it. If you experience any other issues let me know.,Actually, it would indeed be great if you make it more obvious in the snippet. I ran into the same problem… Cheers, awesome snippet mate!,That’s a good good one!,Thanks!,Very cool snippet! I’ll be on approving spree the next few days 🙂 stay tuned!,Thanks! I’ll have to see what I can do about getting my other snippets up in time than. haha. I got about five (three if you exclude this one and the other one I just submitted).,The author is mouse0270

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