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Contact Form – One page

if i want to change the background image in my application using this snippet how could i do this…..plzz help….and as i am inserting one more text box its coming out of the background image please help to sort it out,hello faizan , change the background property’s in your css to background : url(“/image.jpg”); and its done and regarding extra text box set it proper hieght by using a proper grid system and media query,hope it helps,Grate work,Thanks..,I have use your snipp in my website it is working awesome,thanks am happy that my snippet proved help full to you,Great Work!!,thanks,Missing </div> tag on line 40 to end “container” div. Other than that, great work!,ThANKS :),Sorry, this is a dummy comment.,In the css there is a width: 100vw; that will ruin your day.,Help always welcomed :),Look so Cool, and easy to applied to prepared page composition ( I guest),thanks :),The author is kastya

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