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Colored Modal Headings

How can I make, that the Modal will open if i “open” a site, like “index.php” or “news.php” ?,You would need to use AJAX to load the contents in. Search on Google for AJAX modals in Bootstrap.,Hmm, i dont know something about “AJAX”, and i would like to use the Function like: “Modal::tellInfo(“My Content”, true, “My Header”);” (die Button to click, ist not in the Function) and if i write this Code, the Modal should “pop up”, but i don´t know how i can do it, i googled someting about “AJAX modals in Bootstrap”, but its all “Copy&Paste”, but i wan´t to learn it and not to Copy and Paste it.,I recommend you get my book that tells all about that. Check it out at,Thanks for the link, i read the Demo. Because i can´t buy this book ^^ and my english ist not so good that i would understand all of this :D,Ah I see. What is your preferred language?,My mother language is german ^^,Awesome, I’ll look for German translators when the book gains some popularity :),Okay, thanks 🙂 But i haven’t found a answer for my question.,Here is the paste from my function, (with the CSS Code from this function). There is a little discription so i hope you can help me.Link:,Sorry, I think the paste has been removed. Are you still having the problem?,Yes, paste is:,Sorry the Link obove doesn’t work, new Link:,I think the only thing you need to do is replace this line: }elseif($isTrue == true){?> withif($isTrue){?>,And that should work.,It already works, there is another function before that function. And thats not my problem ^^ you saw the Modal class. And now if I do”Modal::tellSuccess(“Thats my body”, true, “Thats my header”); the Modal from this function should “pop up” (dunno how to descrip).,The author is madtownman

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