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Collapsible Panel

love it, great work!,I load a mvc view with collapsable panels using ajax.First time all is ok but after first time when i click the collapsa button the panel collapse and then reopen.Can someone help me with this issue?Thanks robm for the good work,theres any way to make a buttom that colapse all and hide all? cool code!!,nice work^^.do you have time to fix a bug? If I click the expand button many times, it will trigger sliding animation many times too. Is it possible to ignore input while the animation isn’t completed yet?.and also, how do i make the panel content isn’t visible at the first time?thanks. sorry for my bad english.,Thanks. great work,There’s a bug. You use “parents” selector, but if there are nested panels – collapse button will collapse all panels with that class, from innermost to outermost. Use “closest” instead.,maybe also check initial state so panel-body has intial state collapsed so the cheveron should be up and should know whne clicked that it should display,Hi there :)Great script so far, but how can I also hide the panel footer?So not only panel body is hidden.,Thank you,Havent tried it, but couldnt you combine the body and footer as the new body?,Is it possible to have the panel closed from the offset and then to slide down after clicked? Thanks.,add style=”display: none” to the panel-body div and class=”pull-right clickable panel-collapsed” to the span in the heading :-),Thanks Leon!,Looks good, but its buggy.,Close Panel 2 and Panel 3 than open Panel 2. After that Panel 3 will open and Panel 4 closes ?,I mean:,Close Panel 2 and Panel 4 than open Panel 2. After that Panel 4 will open and Panel 3 closes ?,Sorry ^^,Thank you for pointing out my error, I’ve updated the snippet to fix this issue. The issue was with the row collapsing as all of the panels in the original snippet sat within the same .row container. I’ve now put the two sets of panels into their own rows and the issue seems to be resolved.,Had the same problem. Changed the line below and now i can use the snippet with panels in the same row.,Changed:$this.parents(‘.panel’).find(‘.panel-body’).slideUp();to:$this.closest(‘.panel’).find(‘.panel-body’).slideUp();,The author is robm

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