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Circular Bootstrap tabs

Wow Amazing… thank a lot.,error 🙁 help please!,Love <3,Anyone tried to make this for bootstrap 4?,Hello, I have a noobie question here:,I grab the HTML above and drop into my page.html, and then grab the CSS code above and drop it into my bootstrap.css but the tabs don’t function… am I missing something here?,Screen cap:…,This code snippet obviously needs Bootstrap and Jquery to work. You just have to link Bootstrap [] and Jquery […] to your project. Good luck. :),Hi. Great Snippet. Is there anyway to have all the tabs on one line after adding 6?,awesome 🙂 but if change css little ::,.board > div.board-inner{/*background: #fafafa url(…background: #F9F9F9;background-size: 30%;},will make it beautiful ,Hi there! i included another tab and it fallls on to a second line. how can we keep it on the first line? thanx!,great snip by the way! :),cheers!,Hi.. It’s great work. I want to know how to go to the specific tab from an external link or stay on the same specific tab after reloading the page.,Tabs aren’t mobile friendly on iOS7 both iPhone 5/6 and iPad 1/2 from what i’ve tested i’m afraid, it required a double click to activate the next tab, on first touch the tooltip appears, may i suggest disabling the tooltip plugin and using touchevents for consistency through-out mobile devices,nice snippet…..,Nice design. Thanks for sharing !,Hi, why in jellybean default browsrs the background resuslts “squared”?,screenshot:…,Thanks for sharing such a nice widget brother.,Wow! Nice design. Planning to this snippet in our template.,thanks,Is there a way to use less tabs?,I am new to bootstrap and I am not able to configure this snippet to my page. Can some one please send me working .zip folder of this snippet.,Yes, you can download the snippet if you are a registered user. Click on the cog wheel.,how could this auto expand to larger content,Wow, great work. I love this Rilwanrabo & have favourite this :),Thanks AZU ☺,Nice,Nice. Thx for sharing,How to use less tabs but still centered? Thanks!,hmmm… what am I missing ?,…,Looks great but the tab content is stacked making each tab’s content lower than the next. Help!?,if anyone else has this problem I fixed it with this css,.tab-pane{ display: none;}, { display: block;},awesome … thanks :),Really very awesome. i m using this in my website,hi. i love this snippet. i wonder why it is not working on mine. I use the same code above. i tried different advise on the net but still it is not working. tooltip is showing as normal that’s it. any help please?,Hi Edmund, check the version of your scripts[ bootstrap, jquery]. make sure you are using the latest versions and updated browser or simply download this code by clicking the cog icon above the preview. thanks,Hey guys, I’ve forked this into a simple form wizard to navigate through the tabs.…,Good one man,Hi guys, I forked this into a simple form wizard.…,nice work,This looks really great. Thanks for posting!,Thanks for viewing :),Can this be made responsive? The tab circles aren’t responsive, can fix that? Thanks!,Thanks Stefan for contributing! Its now responsive,updated css and html [tab-pane divs].. added transition effects to the css on the pseudo elementThanks,For mobile friendly web app´s it´s a great way to display tabs =) Tks,Anyone know how to get the arrow to slide maybe using css transforms? Would look much slicker. Like this,http://www.polymer-project….,*Sorry my link was broken,Couldn’t open the link but i have added some effects with transitions to kinda animate the border and also i added bootstrap’s ‘fade in’ classes to the pane.,fixed link,Great! seen it,Thanks!the link fails Error: Not FoundThe requested URL /components/polymer-ui-nav-arrow/demo.html) was not found on this server.,fixed,Nice looking snippet, thanks!,Thanks for the motivation,Great!,Nice to know!!!,Line 33 the data-toggle has a space after the word tab, disabling the last section.,Thanks!! for your contribution.Actually i might have used same id of done twice… i changed it to something else. now works!,The author is riliwanrabo

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