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Checkbox/Radio – CSS Only
Demo,It doesn’t work for me, After uncheck, it goes to bg-primary class… I needo something else than bootstrap and jQuery?,Hi there, thanks for the share. It looks great.,Is there a way I can have the tick be a minus before it’s ticked? ie. glyphicon be glyphicon-minus until active, then go to the glyphicon-ok?,Hi, I added this to my form. And it all seemed to work fine, but unfortunatly it does not work completely as I want it. When clicked the glypicon does not disapear. It seems that the opacity 0 in css is not recognized in any browser. I would like to add the code but I don’t think I can paste it in this field?,Mike,How do you show checkbox as disabled and not allow clicking on it?,hi. can i ask a question? how can i checkbox size down?,since we’re using bootstrap .btn classes — .btn-sm and .btn-xs will make them smaller. example: <label class=”btn btn-xs btn-success”>…</label>,When I submit the form using this and I encounter some validation error, it does not repopulate the selected radio visually, how do I fix this?,Awesome perfect for my project. Thanks Man!,how can i use some thing from the glyphicon-s without giiting thim hide,omar, not exactly sure, but i think you are asking how make glyphicons on the unselected items visible? — if so, in the css, change to opacity of span.glyphicon to something that is visible. example: .btn span.glyphicon { opacity: 0.5;} then the unselected buttons will show your glyphicons slightly faded.,The author is tonetlds

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