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Carousel with Timer and Caption

how can i add circle in starting point & control slider speed ????,,hi guys!Could you please help me?I couldnt make the progress bar work.Could you please give me some tips how to script the progress bar and get work properly with the slider?Im using my own slider script.,I will appreciate any help.Cheers!,How i can delay the changing speed of the slider images? i want 1min delay each slider image change.,I like the slider, however, wish I was smart enough to work out adjustable delays for slides in the js – you can adjust the progress bar in the css but it does not effect the actual sliding of the slides.,how to fix image to auto shrink for example 1200×600 to be uniform to 1200×400. thanks.,Hi, How to change the time please ? And it’s possible to change the transition, like a fade effect for example ?,Thanks a lot but i have one issue with prev sliders, they don’t any effect of slide, can you help me ?,they don’t have* sorry,how can i adjust the speed of the carousel? thanks!,Hi, you find a solution ?,the solutios is to add data-interval=”2000″ in the wrapper div like so .. <div id=”transition-timer-carousel” class=”carousel slide transition-timer-carousel” data-ride=”carousel” data-interval=”2000″>2000 is milliseconds..,Is it possible to make each slide to stay a bit longer? Thanks!,how to animated caption? I think if the caption just like that, it’s too simple and not intresting,I´ve the same issue about load process after 100 %. And I also usage the bootstrap verion 3.1.1. Somebady knows what is happened and how cam I fixed this? Thank you for answers.,Hi ! It takes so much time to change the slide after 100% load of the progress time ! I’m using bootstrap 3.0 though, is it because of that ?,Thanks for this wonderful source. However, the Glyphicon (Left and Right) arrow are missing when I previewed it from my html. Do you have any ideas what the issue is?,Are you in localhost? or on a live site?,A real smart idea.Thanks.,The author is ckthomp

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