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Carousel with Gallery Thumbs

I’m trying to have multiple carousels in one html, but it doesn’t work Can someone help me?,gracias sirvio de mucho,Excelente muchas gracias,Thanks,Hi everyone. I urgently need help concerning the code. Where should i place the JS part?,Hi, awesome, how can I fix to have another size image, example 400X300 ? Not square, rectangle,im having problem to my this dynamically see my code and tell me where is wrong……,I am having an issue with it, when I click on an image the carousel doesn’t change accordingly. Can anyone help?,add js-script at the end,Nice!,fixed!,how can i increase the number of thumbnails?thank you!,Hi Alessandro, did you get this one figured out?,Another thing:,How can I “float” all the thumbinails to the left when I don’t have thumb enough to fill the row?,Is great and I like it, but how can I give a style to the active thumb?,Not working for me 🙁 – Nuno @,nice, thanks!,awesome one…,The author is LabWorkz

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