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Carousel Rows

Very nice , good work <3,how do i get font-awsome.css ?,Hello,My friend you forgot to put the PRICE option ?Good enough and pic might have been better if you gave some padding inside the box area .,I copied the html and css yet it’s not working. only one image change per refresh (unlike the preview).. Any help?,Do you have Bootstrap’s JS and CSS in place as well? You can download the full snippet if you are registered and logged in here on Bootsnipp and check what you’re missing that way,Is there a way to make the image non-responsive or not scale so small? I tried putting columns in the rows and giving the image a fixed width- but fail. I tried a few other ways and mega fail, the images got even smaller. I would prefer it to be responsive without scaling so small.,Thanks.. I was missing the <script src=”http://netdna.bootstrapcdn….”></script>,Wow…..It’s so beautiful…Thanks.,nice one,The author is Cyruxx

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