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Carousel Product Cart Slider

how can i get it to slide one item at a time?,I think you could try something like this:…,Thanks you!,It’s not working on code pen io. why?,Thanks !! awesome,Awesome work!! I used your design with owl carousel and the results were amazing (100% Responsive). Thank you!,Anyone was able to make this carousel dynamic & responsive?,Anyone was able to make this carousel dynamic & responsive?,helllo freinds i wanna to make it dynamic in php any idea,when i making activ item dynamic it,s break the row after 4,it’s not working on phone screens…can anyone help?,thx,well done, great work :),Very cool!!Im trying to make this dynamic with AngularJS. I am using angular-ui bootsrap and bootstrap css frameworks. Apparently, angular-ui bootstrap also has carousel feature, but I solved the conflict via ngNonBindable. However, angular is an SPA which treats hashbangs in a different way. So the sliding thing is not happening via #carousel-example where you had it in the prev and next buttons. Trying to solve for that. Let me know if you have any thoughts around that.,Hi, were you able to make this carousel dynamic & responsive?,Not working in responsive,,Hey any body can you help me how can stop auto scroll only 1 slider because i am using 3 slider in 1page (3 category slider),just change to carousal ids,just change carousal ids for each product carousal slider,it work,good luck,How to slow speed?,hello, went i copy to 2 time , this next button cant use, can some one tell me how to soldved,Hello there, when you change the carousel “ID” to something different, it will work perfectly fine.,hello, went i copy to 2, this next button cant use, can some one tell me how to soldved,Did anyone ever happen to figure out how to change the speed of the slider?,yes, just add data-interval=”10000″ after data-ride=”carousel” and change the 10,000 number to your own (milliseconds), that should do it.,@maxsurguy:disqus thanks for your willingness to always help. I have really learnt alot from your shared knowledge. Thank you boss!,How can I change speed on slider? Thanks,please find some solution to make this awesome thing working on iphone…,Thanks for sharing! :),#carousel-example {height:350px; overflow:hidden;} This works on iphone guys,its not working MT.,it doesn’t,Thanks! Great job!,I need some help regarding this snippet.How to make the items slide back and forth on click of buttons prev and next.,so instead of arrows you want to use buttons with text?,Does this plugin not require javascript? I have copied the same code but it is not working,Do you have Bootstrap javascript included in your HTML ?,How do I include it?,Hey, guys! To make this app works on phone screens, you’ll have to delete the “hidden-xs” classes.,How do you remove these “hidden-xs” classes, can’t find them,working but having some design bugs… thanks jason…,please you know how I can make this to slide one item at a time?,Not Working Jason. When we remove the hidden-xs class the the carousel is working and is responsive but It directly shows the 5th block after the 1st one.,I agree would be great if this scaled down. But you get to a certain breakpoint and the whole lot disappears.,I would like to work with this but it doesn’t work at phone screen sizes.,Awesome!,Thanks for sharing!!!!!,-Kraymer,Great stuff u have. thanks for sharing :),The author is BhaumikPatel

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