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Calendar Design

How do i make this such that only admin can add event that will be displayed on the user interface?,Great work!,Beautiful design, this is am using in my website,Very nice design. Clean and simple :).,i have found the problem on day and week section i.e add event in current date does not show event on to right place in week and day section… goes to padding left only on current date..???,how to remove a event? xD,month > day 12the event send to day 8, check the js,,I have found the problem, it is a css class, when you create the current day you assign an fc-today class and this is the one that causes the problem, if you change it by fc-future it is solved.,The problem occurs in the full column where the day of “today” is generated, if your tests in the following month the problem does not appear, it should be the function that marks the day “today”,that’s it! ;)Congratulations men.,it’s really a fantastic job.,this is extremely good work. Greetings from singapore web design company,,I really love this calendar, thanks for your really awesome work. I appreciate your passion. disfraces bebe de lujo,Awesome work.,This, brilliant, Calendar seems to load the information at the top only. If you enter information on the 17th or the 10th it appears on the 3rd. but if you enter it on the 24th or the 31st it is in the correct place. is there a reason for this that you are aware of? It would prevent me from searching for it, thus helping me out. Thank you.,Thanks Mate!,hi. Nice work with this calendar. Is there any tutorial or a file explaining how to use this calendar. I am new to webdesign and trying to learn. I have created the css and js files and have them linked on the html file. the only thing apearing on my webpage is the background.Thanks in advance for any help. Again… Nice calendar!,Were you able to use it? I am also getting only background. Please let me know. Thanks.,Hi. No I have not. I have consulted with some friends which are developers and they suggested fullcalendar. It is available on github. I really like the layout on this calendar but the other is nice to,Thank you Marco for quick response. This saves my time. I will try github calendar. :),You`re welcome. Fullcalendar worked for me because I am using laravel in my project. I don’t know if it is the case with you.,The author is Deepakbisht

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