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Buttons minus and plus in input

Doesn’t let me input numeric values using shift on Czech keyboard. Instead it allows special characters placed on these keys (+ěščřžýáíé),Thanks for the script.. It made my day..,when i add runat=”server” to the input texbox the javascript does not work. HOw can i get around that?I want to be able to access the data in code behind. Also if I don’t put runat=”server” the value goes back to 1 every-time there’s a postback,little bit better js code for this snippet from me…,how can i add words after the value? like value= “1 adult”,in jquery accordion <div> buttons breaks,If crate this snippet in jquery accordion tab buttons will broken. This bcs .ui-widget input, .ui-widget select, .ui-widget textarea, .ui-widget button font-size: 1emWe need set it to 14px ourself.,No meu não funcionou, pode me ajudar? Qual versão do JS vc está usando?,versão do JS? hahhaahaahahahha OMG,show de bola!,The author is davidsantanacosta

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