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Bug submission with screenshot.

IT IS AMAZING thanks,i want use image (screenshot) in my pageor send to mail or display same page can u,Hello, I’ve implemented the code of Bug reporter but unfortunately the pop up disapears when I click on camera icon or textarea. Does someone has any idea what the problem can be?,Nevermind the problem was another JavaScript file,thanks (y),Hello, Thanks for your such a good work, but i am want ot save image file on server by php so please help me how can i save the screenshot image file.,I’ve updated the report.php on the github repo to help more:,…,Hey, it’s a base64 img, so just <img src=””> it or convert it to a file (… and processes it with your mailer. I was going to update the report.php to do this , but nobody should be using mail() without a wrapper.,The author is gcphost

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