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Bootstrap Line Tabs by KeenThemes

really cool, using it right now !,One tip : If you will use it within a stacked navbar : add a border-bottom 4px (transparent) to each nav-tabs li element, so it works well when you hover tabs,is there anyway to align the tabs to the right so i can put a title to the left as seen on 🙂 thank you, great work btw,Seems like you can’t post code here. What I refered to in the post below was this:… href=”#active” … to… href=”/projects/#active” …,Thanks alot. To get mine working I had to add the filepath in the tag from:to,,perfect dude,the hyper link does not work for me…any reason?,Hi :),,Which huper link are you referring to ? ?,Thanks.,Thanks, used it too!,Glad to hear that! :),Hey!,Thanks to all for the warm feedbacks. You can also check our Metronic premium theme here:…,good job. its really usable. find a landing page…,Thanks :),welcome :),I like,Thanks :),Sorry if this is a somewhat stupid question but…Because is from a paid theme can we use this in a commercial apps?,Yes, sure, you can. The code is licensed under MIT :),Thanks for the feedback =)I was keen to think that because of the css comments about the licence.Still I wanted to confirm :),Sure, if you need any other info please let me know :),I’m too interested to know the answer.,Yeah, the code is licensed under MIT so you can use it as you wish :),Genius! Added to my favourite.,Thanks for the feedback! :),nice, well done. I am going to use it on my next project.,Thanks 🙂 Glad to hear that!,The author is keenthemes

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