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Bootstrap form theme

its a shame such bad design and quality can be found on the web. time wasted.,helpfull,Lovely. This is really great, thank you!,I´m using Bootstrap 3.2.0 and don´t work. :'(,I´m so sorry, It´s works FINE ! My fault ! Sorry and TY !! :D,Was just going through the site and add to Like and comment on this. Talk about amazing work! I cannot wait to delve into this code and use it.,Thank You!,hi, I’m new to this web site. i need to get the code for this snippet. so how can i do that?,Just click on html (top left corner),if you are registered and logged in you can download the whole snippet by clicking on the cog wheel next to “Fork this” and choosing download from the menu.,Oh!This realy good!Thank you~,Very bad…,The author is rgbskills

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