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Bootstrap Dual list

well written code for the specified purpose. Thanks Alot,thank you for you sharing. it is a awesome teamplte,Great Work , how i get the left list itens on a submit?,how does one use multiple of these on the same page without it adding the list items in the left to the same list in the right?,I’d also like to know how to extend this so the right list become a form value that can be submitted.,Is it possible to install this code?,Nice job! Somebody knows how to post the right content selection? I tried to add an <input type=”hidden” name=”rightselection[]” value=””> after <div class=”dual-list list-left col-md-5″>, but that doesn’t function. Thanks for your help :-),Only issue I see with this is if you select all and then deselect an item, shouldn’t the select all check go away? otherwise, really nice work.,Cool, this is great job..,Such a nice work, i congratulate you for some excelent code,Nice :D,Nice & useful,The author is bbilginn

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