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Bootstrap 3D buttons

Few More Bootstrap 3D Buttons…,looks great!!!!,Great 3D buttons, can’t wait to use this in my next project :),Awesome buttons! Btw the last curly bracket is unnecessary in css,Great snippet.. i’m using in a web project,I am Chinese users, why I can only see component effect, and can’t see the HTML, CSS, and js,You can easily fix the height change by adding the following rule to the css.,.btn:active { margin-top: 2px;},thanks, fixed it.,My pleasure 🙂 Great snippet! I will use it for sure!Edit: after looking further into it, it looks better if you change margin-top to margin-bottom ;),yeahhh height changes when buttons are clicked,Looks like the height changes slightly when you click on them,The author is faizshaikh

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