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Bootstrap 3.x Contact Form Layout

buena pagina,,how do I do to enter my email to receive messages from the form,how do I enter my email to receive them messages from the form,Thanks for this. It helps a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ Godbless,I am noob soo pls dont judge me, but i cant seem to get it working properly my “Success! Message sent.” and “Error message” are both on my website when i click send nothing happens,A beautiful contact form. Love the live validation rather than taking the user to another page to display any errors.,Noob question… all the fields are required in this example… how do I change the code to have a non required field and the ok check does not appear.,how to display this form in center of website?,I want to know how will the message reach the back end?????,Nice, but it seems useless without the PHP file and if without explaining how to make this form to send to a specific email address.,llmjnjnnjk,how do you view / access the .js and .css that goes with this form? I forked it but the .css and .js tabs are empty,There is no additional CSS or JS for this snippet. Plain Bootstrap CSS and JS is enough,Thank you for your contact form. This contact form has been used in following template:…,Nice! Thanks for letting the author know!,It’s my pleasure Maks. Just checking your blog and other projects. You are a great guy :),Great, thanks very much!,Where’s the CSS file?,It’s on, This is a bootstrap contact form.,i tried many times use php but doesnt workplease help me,When I updated CSS to bootstrap 3.2.0 the required check marks shift down. Tip on how I can fix this?,the css I changed to fix:.form-control-feedback {position: relative;display: inline;top: 0;line-height: 14px;},Is there a place where we can get the php included with the html snippet above?,That hugely depends on your requirements…,The basic PHP code for a contact form could be found in many places but it depends if you are using WordPress or just plain PHP or a PHP framework…,look nice, but it seems useless without the PHP file?,@craig i’d hardly call it useless. max has just given us a beautiful template with front end validator for free.make your own back-end mail serve code – it’s not difficult. cheers max!,Sorry Noob question, but how do you tell this form to send to a specific email address?,You would have to use a backend script to do thatโ€ฆ Like PHP or Nodejs. So the email address would have to be specified on the backend application (server side).,eeeeeeeeeeeeee,Hi,What are you using to validate the form fields ? I get a nice tooltip.,Thanks,Hi! That is standard HTML 5 form validation. It is built in with your browser and you could use it by adding ‘required’ attribute to your input elements.,Good lord how beautiful HTML5 has become !,The author is jasonflaherty

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