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Badgebox: CSS checkbox badge

Clever, clever, clever!,how to set the checkbox checked by default?,Set the input class to “badgebox:checked”,just amazing and ludicrously simple. Great work! thanks for sharing,I can’t use it inside a table, for example for a list of permissions of several users shown in a table. It does not work if I change the ID. Then .js is required for this. Any ideas on how I can make it work for several rows and unique IDs ??? Test this: change the id and it will not work anymore.,Would you mind sharing a jsfiddle or a codepen from this? We love code!,Nice, but when using small buttons the checked box well go down. So it’s not in the middle anymore.,You can set it to visibility:hidden; so it doesn’t appear (I guess),superb works thanks,The author is forsureitsme

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