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Awesome UI Kit

great job !! you the man,Thanks!,Awesome bos..,hi, Great stuff! realy Awesome :),i want to use the Doughnut chart, can i add tect in the center of it?,plus, can i do labels for each section?,I don’t know that you can add text into the center of the chart natively. You probably can do it through css after it has been created. Here is where you can find all the details/documentation on this chart and many others (…. Yes you can do labels. They are on on my example. You need to hover over the chart section to see the details. If you are referring to a legend, I did not explore that, but it wouldn’t be hard to generate one on your own.,Hi Brian,,i will look into it and try to work it out.,Thanks :),Great!,Like a boss.,awesome work man.,this is sex,Fantastic work, thank you for sharing!,you can create a home page for wallpapers site …?? with this example thumbnails … i like this ..,I just looked at the image the designer had created and did my best to recreate it by hand. There were no programs that rendered it in HTML for me. There are tools like “Brackets” that will help with that cross over, but you still have to do the work 🙂 I didn’t use that. I just used plain old HTML and CSS to figure it out,Any Tools used for designing or core css , HTML?,Hi Ishwar…..I didn’t use any specific tools for this work. Just used the Bootsnipp CSS and HTML editor for the snippet. Outside of Bootsnipp, I typically use Sublime Text 3 for coding. I recently saw a newer up and coming development environment called “Brackets” that is geared more towards front end designers. May want to take a look at that for CSS and HTML editing.,Hope you guys enjoy it!,Beautiful design <3,nice job!, this will be really helpful to me thank you so much,Thanks for the reply :),The author is bmoeller1

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