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Article carousel with images indicators

Hi, how can I make the indicators vertical of the right side of the picture (Sorry for my english). Thanks.,change the 600px width to 100% on .carousel to be responsive,Has anyone made this one responsive yet? I need help please!!! thanks,Automatic?,I want to center my indicators but they refuse. Tried margin: 0 auto and the center-block class. Also I have invisible indicators beside my thumbnail indicators. Really weird.,can u help me i want the imgs indicators on the right of carousel,Hi, I’m placing 2 of this galleries en in the same page but only works the slide in one, what can I do?,The IDs should be different in both carousels. Make sure that if you have “article-photo-carousel” in one carousel (id=”article-photo-carousel” and data-target=”#article-photo-carousel”), you should have different ID in the other carousel, for example “article-photo-carousel2” . Let me know if you need more explanation,hi, thank you it really work with the ID’s … but my 2nd gallery disappears when finishes the cycle. what should I do? by the final png looks like it jump and disappears.,Hi, I am unable to change the width of the main image. can you provide me as which exact class needs the updating. I want to change this 600 width to 90% of the complete width of page. also, is this particular css conflicting with the original bootstrap.css ?,How would I get this to work with WordPress?,does your WordPress theme use WordPress?,Yeah it does, I just couldn’t figure out how to insert the HTML so that it become dynamic. I have found a plugin that has done the rotator in the header, but would like to know how to do it. Thanks!,what exactly do you want to know? which plugin are you using?,Olá amigos, como faço para inserir indicadores para colocar mais miniaturas? Grato,Sorry , I can’t understand you And google translate it in bad way :),Hi mtahhan, i want to insert more pictures in this example, it is possible? More thumbnails with indicators next and previous… More or less some 20 pictures and thumbnails…It is possible? Can you help me?,Thanks,Hi , Yes you can add unlimited photo to this carousel , just you want to small the thumbnails to good view or make indicators under the big photo section , That is all :),Hi, how can I make the indicators under the big photo? Thanks.,Hi , you just need add “position : relative” to .carousel-indicators class , have a fun :),Thanks again :),This is not responsive?,It is easy to make it responsive , if you can’t i can help you,can u tell me how u make it responsive please? i tried to put in a container and in col-lg-12 but it didnt workthanks in advance,Of course you need just add class to photo “img-responsive” this class from bootstrap if you don’t use it you can’t use this class you should make it in your selfAny way if you want any help I’m ready,Thanks a lot mtahhan , it worked for me but actually i used the img-responsive class with the carousel not with the image. again thanks for your help, you solved my problem,You r welcome Rawanda , if you have any other problem in css or bootstrap Plz send to me I can help you,Can you make it responsive? I challenge you… :),Easy :),:) Well are you going to?,The author is Mohamed Tahhan

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