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Animated Vertical Bootstrap Carousel on Mouse scroll and Swipe

how to downlaod this…or this… where is images folder,Hi I have use this snipp in my website it is very beautiful snipp,Hi !,Your work seemed great until I test with chrome on mobile device.,When I swipe to change slide, the page scrolls in the time. And it’s not very practical.,Any solution ?,Sincerly.,Hello ,Sorry for the inconvenience you faced.,currently bootstrap slider is set to auto slide ,you can stop slides from auto sliding by using code :, $(‘#myCarousel’).carousel({ interval:false });By setting interval as false it will stop sliding automatically !,I hope this helps to you !Thanks,Hi, you have done an amazing job!!!,I have used this code for my first web, and it is ok, but sometimes I have an issue with Firefox.,In Chrome or Opera it is perfect everywhere, but in some computers (only in some computers), Firefox shows a bug which makes that, between animations, there is something like a “scroll left” (I don´t know how to explain it), leaving a white space between animations.,For example, it works great at home, but at school, in some computers it runs perfect, but sometimes not.,The funny thing, is that it happens here, even in your original code too, so it must be an issue with SOME firefox versions, but not a programming issue.,I have updated Firefox to latest version, tried to upload without complements, but the problem still goes on. Do you know what could be happening? It would be sad to delete it and use a slider plugin, since I have worked a lot for my customization :(,Thank you!,Hello FranStoker ,,Thank you for liking my work !,I am glad you used my snippet in your work , and it seems like you have put lots of efforts behind this .I really want to help you out with this problem but I am really sorry i tested in many computers in Firefox but I couldn’t found the issue 🙁 , Can you please share video / URL / screenshot of the issue you are facing ,I will try my level best to help you out !,It sounds like some interesting issue , so I am looking forward to here back from you ! :)You can contact directly to me on my Email Id : [email protected] .,Hi geeky girl!,I am actually working with localhost, so I can´t show you the work at the moment, but I will send you some screenshots with the bug to see if you can figure out what is happening.,Thanks for everything,Hello Fran Stoker ,I have solved this issue , now it works fine. I hope this helps :)Thank You,nice work,Thank you for appreciating my work :),Hi it is very nice work.I have a problem. I use Bootstrap 4.0. I added my html page which write bootstrap 3.0 via jquery load function. $(“#slider”).load(‘animated_vertical_bootstrap_carousel_on_mouse_scroll_and_swipe.html’);when I add the code , My page breaks. How can i solve ? breaks css,problem’s photos,https://scontent-otp1-1.xx….,Hello Aziz , Thank you for appreciating my work !I would be glad to help you if you can share url of your issue , because I am not able to find out from screenshots that what could be the solution for this .,I hope this helps !I would be glad to here you back and help you for the issue .For any further queries you can contact me on : [email protected],I added a fourth slide and add <li data-target=”#myCarousel” data-slide-to=”3″></li> inside indicators an added item3 in animation script. Sllide is showing but image is not showing,Hello Shrinivasa,,Please add this part in your css : .carousel-img img.animated { visibility: visible; opacity: 1; transition: all 0.3s ease; animation-duration: 2s; animation-delay: 0.3s }- here item4 is the class name of your item that you have added in your html .- In current code initially image is hidden and it’s opacity is 0 and it is visible once item is active . so whenever you want to add another slide just add this much part in your css with required class name ., I hope this helps ! For any further queries you can contact me on : [email protected] .,The author is GeekyGirl003

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