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Animated radios & checkboxes (noJS)

Add this to make it in line with inputs and consistent with Bootstrap default checkbox/radios.,.checkbox .cr,.radio .cr { … margin-left: -20px;},Well, there is missing style, when checkboxes are “inline”,Setting the checkbox to checked via jQuery does not make the checkmark display, the checkbox remains empty and additional code sees the checkbox as not checked.,Hi it works without any postback of the page. But when I make postback with the checkbox checked then the tick mark doesn’t exist and goes back to the default checkbox list. Any help,can these be toggled via jquery ?,Hi!How to change css for usage like this:,<div class=”checkbox”> <label> <input type=”checkbox” value=””> Option one is this and that — be sure to include why it’s great </label></div>,i copied the same from this HTML & CSS but the trick is not shown in the browser. can anyone help me , would be appreciated.,can i used it in bootstrap 2 ?,i tried but the tick is not showing, do i need to include the image?thanks,The last radiobutton is a checkbox. The small Radiobutton. Just saying.,Thanx, fixed =),Клёво, что без яваскрипта.,This is handy, the radio buttons were off though, adding this helped., {, margin-left: 0.08em;,},Radios are little bit harder to adjust, I agree. Fixed little bit by adding common left margin for radiobuttons but it is necessary to adjust each icon separately.,By the way this is a solution I used before for checkboxes only, adding radiobuttons was made only because the ability to use common pseudo selector =),The author is aahz

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