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Advanced Dropdown Search

had the similar issues with styles, fixed by upgrading bootstrap to 3.3.0,Does anyone else have this problem! How can I fix it?,Problem solved, I missed some lines when I past the css code!,kindly share your code having the same problem,I am running into issues getting the input inside a form tag without the dropdown going to the next line. In the example above, I move the open tag from line 11 to after line 4 and the closing tag from line 31 to after line 35. I really like the look of this search but I have to be able to have the main input box within the form tag.,Thanks. I have fixed this problem when the dropdown inside is clicked and then the search box is hide it.,I had two form tag in HTML document.I just removed a form tag outside.,I am trying to use that in another place, and works ok, BUT, when the dropdown inside (Filter by) is clicked, the filter box is hide it. So that donĀ“t works ok. Anybody knows how to solve that? Or why in other enviroment that works different from here? Thanks,I solve this, by add jquery. Try it,Hi – I’m facing the same issue. Did you find the solution?,nevermind got it now thanks!,Hi – could you share with us how you got it to work?,anybody encountered dropdown on advance closing on click. Appreaciate your help. Thanks!,Hi – I’m facing the same issue. Did you find the solution to this?,Awesome thanks.,Never mind- its working fine. Didn’t have the jquery loaded :),how do you use jquery with this script?,Unfortunalty this snippet isnt working properly for me what do I do? Thank you!,Add < !DOCTYPE html> (without space between < and !) on the top of <html> tag to display correctly.,I just tried this on an iPhone and the search button drops to a line under the carrot. It looks fine on a desk top. Am I missing something?,Doesn’t look the best to be honest:,,dI…,,dI…,you need to load the extra css.,Fair enough, I always thought it’s only HTML markup here.,Yeah, plain Bootstrap is not enough in many cases so the CSS from “CSS” tab is necessary.,The author is maridlcrmn

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