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Accordion Menu

i hadn’t saw an example using tables like this, is very good and interesting,How can I do when I click on Content or Modules changes the background-image?,I mean the body background-image,Ty for this code and preview. U are awesome :D,bad table snippet,I was inspired by this snippet to create my own using lists rather than tables — this made it easier to create a toggle navigation button. Could be useful if someone wants both. Can view here:…,It is very nice. It’s more useful to me. But i am facing a problem, The “Content” menu is always displaying active. If i am select “Modules” menu and while clicking the ‘Invoices’ link the page is loading. after the page loaded, the “Content” menu is displaying active. I want displaying the current active menu should be “Modules”.,Simply said, I want to show the current active menu in the panel. How to do that? Please give me suggestion. I’m a very new person to bootrstap. I’m trying this “Accodion Menu” with version v3.3.7. Please help me.,Nice,Thanks! This was very helpful. I was able to create the menu I need for my apps. I documented my changes here:…,Thanks. Beautiful code!,Few More Bootstrap Accordion Menus Collection…,There are 4 according if i want to add more, where do i need to make the changes, according to links in javascript etc,Is there a way that you can have some that are accordions and others that are not accordions?,I was looking over this again and it is possible to have a single item however, this system gets complex if you want the first parent to link to a page. In this instance, you would need to have the dropdowns to function on hover instead and then the programming would get convoluted when determining when they need to collapse again. Does anyone have any other ideas?,i found another same and easy tutorial on Accordion Menu on,…,Hi everybody, is there any posibbilty to have a jQuery sources ?,Hy… My site:…,On my site the menu does not run the same. When changing menu, the previous menu is not closed or collapses. Where is the mistake?,it would be possible to add a sub-submenu?please helpme… Thanks in advance…,You are using Javascript for Bootstrap version 2 (here:…, and this snippet is for Bootstrap version 3. Please download Bootstrap JS version 3 (you can download from and then it will work like this snippet.,I have a problem. I get the accordion to work fine. However I do not want all the top level menu items to expand. For example I might want one top level menu item to have no sub-items but still link to another page.If I replace #collapseOne with the http link to another page in the code then that makes the accordion break and the link to the other page does not work either even though when I mouse over it I can see the address show (but clicking it does not take me anywhere)., Link 1,I met this problem, too.Is anyone could give us a suggestion?,How can I make this stay at the side of the page when scrolling?,How about change the tab colour for the open nav? Say the default blue colour and white text?,anyone have sample code to show that when you press on a link it shows content on the right side instead of redirecting to another site?,Nice work..,Cool,how do you a sub-menu for example in the article?,Hey dude, is there any chance to set the backround color of the menu?,Can anyone tell me what i need to include in html document so this could work? :((,You just need Bootstrap to be included. Get it at,And thank you very much for your prompt response.,I did that, but still nothing happen when i click on Content. I have problem with collapse. Maybe, i didn’t include everything. :/,You also need Bootstrap JS to go with that. If you preview a snippet in full screen and view source of… you will see what you need.,Thank you very much, again.,You’re welcome! Enjoy!,is Awesomee..!!,may i ask what other files will i include to make this beautiful work of yours work?,You would need Bootstrap version 3 to make it work, get it here:,i already had bootstrap 3 but still, it does not work..,im sorry, the snippet just showed up but i cant get the snippet work.. does it need any js to included into my page? can i ask what specific js would i include to make this work?,It needs Bootstrap 3 JS to be included along with jQuery. Check out the source of… to see which files are included,thanks, i finally got the panel working.. but i think there’s a conflict on my nav drop down cuz my drop downs wont work no more.. sorry, im just a newbie ^_^,tables? holy shat, that’s soo 2000,the only thing i don’t like is .glyphicon { margin-right:10px; } – this should be specific for accordion only, don’t need to modify global glyphicon margin. should be smth like: #accordion .glyphicon { margin-right:10px; } so it only apply margin to icons inside accordion and don’t modify other icons styles.,The only thing to make it better is to make the nav not links, so it doesn’t look that weird when you click on it.,That’s built into bootstrap, I personally like it like that. You can look at…if you don’t like the styling of this.,Beautiful execution!,The author is BhaumikPatel

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